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Download AcerPower FH driver


1. Download AcerPower FH drivers for Windows Operating System

AcerPower FH driver and software for Windows XP 32bit

Component Provider Description Version Size Date Download
Audio Realtek Audio Driver 24.1 MB 2008/12/11 Download
Chipset Intel Chipset Driver 1.7 MB 2008/12/11 Download
Lan Marvell LAN Driver 176.6 KB 2008/12/11 Download
Lan Pro-Nets LAN Driver 2.22.51104 42.9 KB 2008/12/11 Download
Modem Pro-Nets Modem Driver 6.10.05 1.9 MB 2008/12/11 Download
Modem liteon Modem Driver 2.1.63 697.2 KB 2008/12/11 Download
TV Tuner Hauppauge TV Tuner Driver 1.8 MB 2008/12/11 Download
TV Tuner LEADTEK TV Tuner Driver 270.0 KB 2008/12/11 Download
VGA ATI VGA Driver 149.4 MB 2008/12/11 Download
VGA Intel VGA Driver 8.4 MB 2008/12/11 Download
VGA NVIDIA VGA Driver 56.6 MB 2008/12/11 Download
Wireless LAN Pro-Nets WLAN driver 139.8 KB 2008/12/11 Download
Wireless LAN liteon WLAN driver 254.2 KB 2008/12/11 Download


AcerPower FH driver and software for Windows XP 64bit

No result

AcerPower FH driver and software for Windows 7 32bit

No result

AcerPower FH driver and software for Windows 7 64bit

No result

AcerPower FH driver and software for Windows 8 32bit

No result

AcerPower FH driver and software for Windows 8 64bit

No result

Above is the all of AcerPower FH driver and software use for current version Windows OS. Click to tabs corresponding to your operating system was installed on computer and click “Download”, you will downloaded AcerPower FH driver that you want.
Drivers is very important for the operation of AcerPower FH computers. If you don’t install fully driver on your computer (Installed operating system) then you can not use the function key combination, such as: Fn + End, Fn + PrtSc or Fn + Fx (which x = 1,…, 12) …, your computer may have not sound, not adjust the screen resolution, can not connected to the internet via ethernet card or wireless card…

Classification AcerPower FH drivers:

There are some kind of AcerPower FH driver such as:

– AcerPower FH Audio(Sound) driver

– AcerPower FH Chipset driver

– AcerPower FH VGA(Graphics) driver

– AcerPower FH Ethernet(LAN) driver

– AcerPower FH Wireless(WLAN) driver

– AcerPower FH Bluetooth driver

– AcerPower FH Touchpad driver

2. Install guideline AcerPower FH driver and software

Note: There are many different kinds of AcerPower FH driver but installation is similar

Step 1: AcerPower FH drivers that you downloaded were usually in the form of compressed files. Extensions of driver file are .zip or .rar. You need to extract it by winrar (or other compression tool)to use.
Step 2: Run “Autorun.exe” file in the folder contain AcerPower FH
Step 3: Preparing setup driver.


Figure 1: Preparing setup

Step 4: Wait for moment. The window shown on, check in “Modify” and then click “Next”

Figure 2: Select features installation

Step 5: “Next”
step 6: “Finish” to complete installation process.

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