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How to reset chip Samsung M2875FW

1. Description toner chip Samsung M2875FW printer

Product Code Yield Version Color Compatible printer PCB test head
Samsung SL-M2625
Samsung SL-M2625D
Samsung SL-M2825DW
Samsung SL-M2825WN
Samsung M2675FN
Samsung M2875FW
Samsung M2875FD

Toner chip reset of Samsung M2875FW printer

2. Introduction of printer toner chip

– Printer toner chip is an important component in printer cartridges, any cartridge printers also have toner chips.
– Toner chips also known as printer chip, printer counter chip …
– Printer toner chip capable of calculating toner powder coverage on the drum (usually is 5%) and the amount of toner powder left in the cartridge, from which calculating a limited number of printed pages.
– If on the toner cartridge haven’t toner chip or toner chip incompatible with your printer then the printer does not print.

3. Signs printer toner chip expires

– When you ordered the printer to print out documents, printer does not print.
– The Status LEDs red light on or orange light on (static or blinking)
– On the windows status of computer appear message: The toner cartridge not compaitible, Install toner cartridge, Toner error, Toner empty, toner life end, Toner cartridge end of life, Toner low, Cartridge error, replace new cart, toner exhausted, …

4. How to fix printer toner chip Samsung M2875FW life end?

Four ways to overcome printer toner chip Samsung M2875FW end of life:
– Replace toner cartridge Samsung M2875FW printer.
– Toner refill Samsung M2875FW printer and replace printer toner chip Samsung M2875FW.
– Reset(firmware fix) Samsung M2875FW printer and toner refill Samsung M2875FW printer.
– Toner refill Samsung M2875FW printer and reset toner chip Samsung M2875FW printer.
Here, I will introduction to you the ways reset counter toner chip Samsung M2875FW by Unismart box – It is toner chip resetter.

5. Printer toner chip Samsung M2875FW resetter

Reset toner chip Samsung M2875FW printer is a form of clear counter of the toner chip Samsung M2875FW printer, put this value to 0. It also known reset chip Samsung M2875FW, clear counter Samsung M2875FW, clear chip Samsung M2875FW, reset counter Samsung M2875FW …

Unismart – reset printer toner chip Samsung M2875FW

Unismart box is a printer toner chip resetter. Unismart can reset counter for most of toner chip of manufacturers: Epson, OKI, Xerox, Samsung, Hp, Canon, Dell, Lexmark …Unismart system is designed to offer a complete solution for writing, resetting, testing various chips with the combination of Unismart Box and Unismart chips. Unismart devices include: Unismart box, reset head, power adapter, Data wire(flat cable), flat writer.

Flat writer of Unismart Box

Reset head is used for data transmission between Unismart Box and Unismart chips standard. There are 20 types of reset heads (can be more) designed according to different chip shape, which can be used for operation on all chip models that current Unismart system supports. Please choose the right test head in accordance with the PCB code.

6. How to reset toner chip Samsung M2875FW by Unismart devices

How to reset toner chip Samsung M2875FW by Unismart

To reset toner chip Samsung M2875FW by Unismart devices, you perform the following steps(attention is the used of Unismart chips):
– The first, connect data wire to Unismart Box
– Connect to PCB test head corresponding with toner chip Samsung M2875FW with data wire
– Select the Unismart code on the Unismart devices (investigation in appendix accompanying)
– Press the button on the test head
– Wait for moment, LCD monitors of Unismart box show on OK then reset toner chip of Samsung M2875FW processing is finished.

Reset head of Unismart to reset toner chip Samsung M2875FW

Wish you successfull!

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